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Running to the nearest ATM counter for immediate cash: Be careful

A credit card makes your life much easy. You don’t have to carry much cash in your wallet. But not all your monetary transactions can be made through  credit card. In times you do need some cash in hand. What you do? Rush to the nearest ATM center is an easy way out.  Beware! You can get into trouble.

It has been found that some of the ATM machines have certain technical errors which can allow anyone to get hold of your PIN number very easily. The ATM cards are made up of   magnetic stripe or a smartcards with chips that store all your unique card number and other security information.

For verification you have to put your own password after inserting your card in the ATM machine. Inside the ATM machine there are skimming devices which captures account details from the magnetic strip from your card.  Then a pin hole camera records the PIN as it is entered. This can help the hacker come across your account details very easily.

Most of the banks use certain risk management software to monitor and control all their ATMs. Even there can be some fault in the software through which they are accessing the various accounts.

Most of the time, you check the surrounding before entering your password. But now with the advancing technology, the hackers have also become smarter. They don’t have to keep an eye on your moments or peep from your back to know the password.

Once you are through with your transaction they will get inside the ATM counter and access your account easily. Not only that they can also do it over the internet.

So what should be your next step? How can you protect your account while using your credit card?

Few Safety Tricks

  1. Use ATM in well lit and safe locations.
  2. don’t allow anyone to see the password
  3. If there is any problem during the  process  , cancel the transaction
  4. Wait inside the counter for few minutes after your transaction has been completed successfully.
  5. Never reveal the Pin cope. Don’t keep it in written format.
  6. Don’t write anything in the card
  7. If there is any problem immediately call the concerned bank and seal the account.

The banks are taking various safety measures to protect this type of frauds. They are uploading anti- skimmer sensor to detect any foreign device in the ATM machine. Next time walk into the ATM counter consciously following the safety tips.

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